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Top Dog House

The business began in 2005 following a holiday to the US where we happened to see one of the first episodes of 'The Dog Whisperer', John has been an avid dog fan and owner previously was blown away by what he saw. 

14 years of behavioral experience. Fully licensed for boarding with maximum stars from Wirral Borough Council, fully insured and experienced with most types of breeds.



Behavioral modification is about altering the fundamental state of mind of the dog in situations where the dog currently struggles.

Dog Training is about having a dog carry out a specific action in response to a given command.

Does each one affect the other and are both critical elements in helping the issues you may have with your dog? Absolutely!

I believe that all behavioral modification and dog training begins with the relationship you have with your dog. If your dog neither trusts nor respects you then you will be wasting your time, money and effort for little or no result, potentially ending up in a worse position than when you began.

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Top Dog House
Office: Wirral
Address: 1a Castle Drive, Heswall, Wirral, CH60 4RJ
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