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Parrots: We are a family run and very experienced Reptile/Parrot breeders and we have expertly hand reared all of our birds and have a wide range of Cockatoos, Amazons, Macaws, Jardines and African Greys. All our birds have excellent clean, spacious conditions, they have constant attention from all the family, and therefore are extremely tame. As the birds are familiar with people they will adapt well to most families assuming they receive the care and attention they are accustomed to. Tortoises: Our tortoises are all captive bred and come with the correct paperwork as necessary. We have a wide choice of tortoises from hatchlings to five years olds, and a selection of 4-5 different species. With all our tortoises we provide advice, a care-sheet and a diet sheet to ensure the best care is continued once the tortoise has left the shop.

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Appleton Exotics
Office: Wigan
01942 824385
Address: 91 Scholes, Wigan, WN1 3SD
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