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When the word comes to local businesses nowadays, local SEO is all the buzz. A business directory and listings are a big and very effective part of the local SEO strategy you can adopt. In fact, local SEO and a business directory grow so much in popularity that you will, indeed, struggle to find a business, no matter of its size, that is not taking advantage of this simple yet very effective marketing strategy in order to attract many prospective clients to its physical location and increase website traffic. A local business directory can help you do that in a very effortless yet efficient way. Local SEO and your local business directory as a major and essential part of the plan are the reasons why the mom and pop store around the corner is popping out any time you search something on Google and if you want the same thing for your own business, make sure to keep up with this article for a comprehensive guide to what a business directory is and how a business directory can be beneficial for your business endeavour.

Recent statistics show that local SEO and a local business directory can help your business significantly by exposing it to 85% of the customers using the search engines for researching local goods, services, and the businesses offering them. Now, this is a business directory getting as effective as possible. This is the reason why so many local business owners are now spending a substantial part of the marketing budget for SEO. However, when it comes to a business directory, you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to achieve the same positive effect to your business. A business directory provides you with all the exposure you need for absolutely free or for a small fee in order for you to enjoy a premium account with additional benefits. Nobody in their right mind will miss such an opportunity to post a listing at a business directory.

There is no doubt that your local SEO campaign will not be as effective without a business listing at a business directory. A listing uploaded at a business directory is a great level of SEO, indeed. A business directory allows many opportunities to smaller and local businesses that cannot compete with the big fishes in the same field or industry. While the “big boys” in your niche will often work with a comfortable marketing and SEO budget, the money you want to spend on advertising a smaller business is usually tightly limited. Therefore, you are looking for the most effective yet most affordable way to make a difference for your company. Here is when a business directory comes in handy. So if you just cannot cope with the major marketing strategies that cost a lot of money, a business directory is your answer.

A business directory listing is not just another SEO tactic that needs to be implemented. It can be very important and beneficial for your business. Here is why.

What is a Business Directory and Why List Your Business?

A business directory listing is a lifeline on your marketing strategy. It is pretty much a self-explanatory thing. A business directory is your local online version of “yellow pages” and you can upload a listing/advert of your own business in order to promote it. The listing uploaded on the business directory should include every bit of information about your business that is relevant, makes your business attractive to prospective buyers and clients. Through a business directory listing you can compete for top places among the search engine’s results and a better exposure for your business. A business directory helps you get your business more visible through search engines, where the physical location of your business will be shown on a map along with additional information about your business, such as contact details, goods and services offered, website URL, etc., that will help get more traffic. A business directory listing also helps your business by helping the customer engage in your business and get in touch with it.

Why it is Necessary to Build a Business Directory Listing?

The main goal of search engines such as Google is making the results shown more relevant to the requirements and demands of users. The information you provide about your business through a business directory will tell the search engine that your location, the goods and services you offer, the offerings are in sync with the demands and requirements of the users. If there is a match, your business directory listing will help you be shown among the first ones on the search engine’s page. Whether or not your business will be shown among the first results is determined by the algorithm of the search engine and the quantity and quality of the local business listings. You cannot affect the quantity, but you can strive to achieve the best quality for your business listing at a business directory.

How a Business Directory Works?

In order to make your business become a top result of search engines such as Google, you need to tell Google more about your place, what you are offering, information about the goods and services, opening time, location, post pictures, etc. But even before you start entering info, you will find out that Google is already aware of your business. This is not magic, it is the fact that Google can pull data for your business from a number of sources, one of the major ones of them being a business directory. Therefore, you want to post information about your business on many sources like a business directory and make sure the information is complete, attractive, always the same, so only correct data for your business will be pulled out by Google from the business directory.

Advantages of a Business Directory

  • Posting a listing on a business directory is free or very affordable
  • A business directory provides you with a better control of your business content and protects your business identity.
  • A business directory drives rankings up and ensures you a better place in search engine results.
  • The more information your post about your business on a business directory, the better your business’ reputation gets.
  • Business directory ensures a seamless synergy between different marketing efforts and strategies, one of the most powerful of them being the business directory itself.
  • A business directory allows you covering the mobile SEO part too, providing you with a mobile-friendly listing through a mobile business directory version.
  • A business directory enables your business to be shown on the search engine’s map.
  • Almost all people search for products and services online and a business directory provides your business with great exposure.
  • Business directory with local business listings beats organic listings in prominence.
  • Business directory is one of the easiest and most effortless gateways to more visibility and increased profitability.

How to Build a Listing on a Business Directory?

It is effortless and simple:

  • Make sure all existing information about your business is correct, accurate, and up-to-date.
  • Provide a plethora of information about your business such as name, all contact details, link of a landing page, category, services and products, year of establishment, describe your business in a short, relevant, and attractive way, add links to social media accounts of your business, add your logo.
  • Creating a listing at a business directory is simple, time-saving, usually free or at least very affordable, and definitely very effective and beneficial for your business.

    What is a business directory and why list your business?
    Why it is necessary to build a business directory listing?
    How a business directory works?
    Advantages of a business directory
    How to build a listing on a business directory?