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Inter County Ltd 01933 315872
With over 40 years of experience, covering a wide range of industry sectors with many differing security needs, we have extensive experience in dealing with client security requirements and are proud to say that Inter County’s security record is second to none, the reasons for this are many fold.
Pressure Washing Marietta (770) 285-7089
Do you need professional pressure washing in Marietta? Choose Holly's Cleaning Services and get expert pressure washing at budget-friendly prices. We are a company, which have many years of experience in the cleaning business, high-qualified cleaners and first-class equipment. For more additional information and to make an appointment, visit our website page or call us on our customer phone line.
Whiter than White 01929 421261
Dorset, Swanage, BH19 2JU

Situated in Swanage, Dorset, Whiter than White is the Purbeck's no.1 cleaning company. Focusing mainly on holiday home cleaning in the Swanage and Purbecks, Whiter than White now offers a host of other cleaning services including Holiday Home & Second Home Services, Domestic Cleaning, Housekeeping, Holiday and Second Home Management & Maintenance and Spring Cleans.
Zero Dry Time Motherwell 01698 902019
Welcome to ZeroDryTime. We are the nation’s leading provider of premium, long-lasting cleaning for dry carpets, hard floors, wooden floors and upholstery. Combining high-quality products with an exceptional service, we cater to both commercial and domestic spaces, delivering four types of effective cleaning solutions.
Grease Lightning Oven Cleaning Wokingham 01483346067
Berkshire, Wokingham, RG40 1AL

Grease Lightning Oven Cleaning provides professional commercial and domestic oven cleaning in Wokingham. We are your local oven cleaners! Using modern oven cleaning equipment and advanced techniques, our non-toxic and non-caustic approach guarantees to restore your appliance to its original condition.
BFA Cleaning 207 118 1748
At BFA, we can provide a complete after builders cleaning service, taking care of everything once the building work has concluded. Our experienced after builders cleaners will ensure that every inch of your newly built or refurbished premises looks clean and fresh.
Deep House Cleaning 020 3722 2525
Surrey, Staines, UB54QQ

Deep House cleaning services provide professional house cleaning with advanced tools and techniques. House cleaning services London provide services at reasonable prices.
Elegantly Clean LTD 020 3524 8280
OUR TEAM Our cleaners are experienced and well trained. Each cleaner we take on has a minimum of 2 years of experience and undergoes a thorough training programme before commencing work independently. All cleaning vehicles are under 4 years old, with transported cleaning equipment continuously assessed and maintained to regulation standards. Elegantly Clean is CIS and VAT registered.
DNA Cleaning Solutions 01525-382-703
Quality Assurance We stand out from the crowd by offering a fully-managed, onsite service, with same-day solutions to your cleaning problems and 24-hour contact with your personal account manager. Our quality is reflected well in our impeccable track record with companies in and around London. You can have confidence that DNA Cleaning Solutions will help develop the right strategy for you and provide total quality assurance throughout.
Mobile Oven Clean 01902 531 231
Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and your oven is the heart of your kitchen. Yet while it is the main part of this room, we know that it is one of the most hated parts to clean. We know how easy it is to run out of time and try to turn a blind eye to the grease and dirt that accumulates until it just gets too much.

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