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HMS Property Management Services

Our motto is 'Service and Protection'. 'Service' because we serve the needs of our client companies, directors and all lessees. 'Protection' because we strive to ensure that the interests of our client companies, directors and all lessees are protected at all times from unnecessary risk, however it may arise. HMS Property Management Services Limited provides management services to residential apartment/flat management companies formed on behalf of the lessees of those apartments/flats. Lessees of such properties normally have their own full-time occupations and other pressures on their personal time. Nevertheless, a number of them will need to be directors of their own apartment/flat management company which has the responsibility of ensuring that all lessees are treated fairly, service charges are collected, insurance is maintained, fire regulations are adhered to, property is maintained, etc. The list is quite long. The responsibilities of being a director of such an apartment/flat management company are onerous and many lessees may not wish to undertake such a task. It is, however, possible to ease the burden of accepting such a responsible role. Key tasks can be delegated whilst overall control is retained.

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HMS Property Management Services
Office: Totton
023 8066 8685
Address: 62 Rumbridge Street, Totton, SO40 9DS
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