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Ideal Shutters Hull

Ideal Shutters aim is to make homes in Hull and East Yorkshire as beautiful and stylish as they can be. We have an expert team of advisors who are qualified and eager to find the right shutters for you. Our advisors will then be able to expertly measure and fit your chosen shutters for you, leaving your home or office looking fresh and contemporary.



Biowood Plus Shutters:

Biowood Plus Shutters are considered as an ‘entry-level’ shutter that is constructed of a strong U-PVC frame, with real hardwood shutter panels that are guaranteed to reduce the weight and is a cost-effective shutter option.

The panels are made from a light, grainy timber which looks best on wide openings and also used for conservatory roof shutters. They can be painted in 20 different colours and come in a wide range of louvre sizes. One of the advantages of choosing the Biowood Plus is that you can hinge four panels together that are perfect for wide windows and the hardwood panels keep the weight of the shutters down to prevent bowing. They also come in a range of tilt rods that are fixed to all the louvres so they can be opened and closed at once.

Along with being able to choose from 20 colours, there is a choice of frames, designer hinge colour, a hidden and offset tilt bar, we can offer French door cut-outs and hand-carved top and bottom rails. The Louvre selection is either 50mm, 63mm, 76mm and 89mm.

Green Shutters:

Green Shutters are lightweight but are also strong, they can resist scratching, humidity and heat. They’re created using a man-made co-polymer which provides this resistance. They are elegant and will make your home look as stunning as you would want it to. The Green shutters are a lifetime investment and they will add value to your home. They’re made using the same U-PVC co-polymer that is also used in car parts, home appliances, and crash helmets, giving you assurance of their toughness. The wide panels mean that you will require fewer panels.

Similar to the bio wood, you are able to choose from 20 colours and have a choice of hinge colours to match your room colour scheme and complement your shutter colour. The louvres are available in 63mm, 76mm, and 89mm. There are panels that are up to 890mm wide, giving you a better through vision.

Supreme Shutters:

Our Supreme shutters are hand made by artisans, using the finest hardwoods that have been cut from quarter-sawn timbers that result in the shutters having a finer grain. They use Anyhoo Basswood which is one of the strongest hardwoods known to man. Supreme shutters are luxurious and elegant that will provide your home with the utmost sophistication. No matter the shape of your windows and doors, they can be customised to fit. You are also able to choose from 20 different paints and 20 stains so you can get the perfect match for your home. The Louvre selection includes 50mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm, and 114mm.

Earth Shutters:

Lastly, we can offer Earth aluminium shutters that are available in 6 paint colours and there is a wide range of Louvre sizes. They’re resistant to rain and sunshine are they’re best suited to be outdoor shutters. They can be used as a security feature, but other benefits include minimised heating costs, reduced heat losses, added privacy and provide your home with added safety. As they are constructed from aluminium, they can be adjusted to fit any window or door. There is a light control option, depending on the louvres tilt. The wide panel capability is 1500mm and the louvres selections are; 63mm, 89mm, 114mm. The Earth shutters provide a sturdiness and safety feature that will not impact your home aesthetically.

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