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Peter Wykes Upholstery

RE-UPHOLSTERY of your furniture is a very economical way of having a new suite and the results of a recover are truly astounding. Recycling has become an intricate and important part of our environment today. If you are thinking of purchasing new furniture, why not recycle your old sofa by having it re-upholstered and remodelled; transforming it in to something special and unique. Contrary to popular belief, re-upholstery does not mean just replacing the fabric. The furniture will be stripped back to its frame and rebuilt with new materials to guarantee long lasting comfort and functionality. When commissioning a piece of furniture we involve the client throughout the design process. To achieve the best results, we like to combine our professional knowledge with input from the customer on individual comfort features such as cushion firmness and type of filling.

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Peter Wykes Upholstery
Office: Burton upon Trent
01283 730491
Address: Unit 3, Burton Enterprise Park, Hawkins Lane, Burton upon Trent, DE14 1QG
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