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Una Campbell ( Psychotherapist )

Counselling provides a safe and confidential setting in which to talk to someone who is trained to listen non-judgementally. It offers a regular time and space to explore difficult feelings or patterns of behaviour which may be counter productive to daily living. Counsellors do not usually offer advice but rather help you gain insight into areas of your life-past or present-which may be troubling you. I offer an integrative approach to therapy incorporating both the person-centred values and the psychodynamic perspective. The psychodynamic perspective explores how past experiences and relationships impact upon present behaviours whilst the person-centred practice focuses more upon the individual and their feelings in their current environment. A more integrative approach allows me to meet varying client needs. In all cases however the central aspect of my work is the therapeutic relationship between myself and my client.

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Una Campbell ( Psychotherapist )
Office: Cookstown
07892 677395
Address: 7 Burn Road, Cookstown, BT80 8DN
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