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Well House Consultants

Heather's got a full time job (and chickens, a dog and a number of other animals too) but works for use too every week for the best of reasons - because she enjoys it, and for the experience. And we enjoy having her on the team too. Your midweek breakfast lady! Phil helps Lisa out at HQ with the filing / admin, on a weekly basis; he's the team member that you're least likely to see at the training centre, but he's very much there and it's as a result of his good works that we can draw you information from the files quickly and answer your questions whether you're looking to rebook your favourite room, or if you're a taxman wanting to ask about our VAT return! You'll meet Kim on weekend duty at the hotel - usually taking responsibility for those leisurly Sunday breakfasts and weekend guest checkouts. "It keeps me busy" she says - but she always seems busy in her weektime role as a nursery school teacher; I've not been in her class, but it's probably a really good experience if she's a happy and cheerful there as she is at Well House Manor.

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Well House Consultants
Office: Melksham
01225 708225
Address: 404 The Spa, Melksham, SN12 6QL
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