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Our classes are suitable for the two people and you needn't bother with any previous experience of Krav Maga or any Martial Arts. You'll never know until you attempt. Which is the reason we offer a Preliminary just for £9.99 to anybody hoping to join? This is an incredible possibility for you to see how we train, meet an instructor and partake in a session with our awesome members.

There are no commitments to sign up after preliminary, it's simply an open door for you to see some genuine Krav Maga in real life and to see whether we are suitable for one another.



Our carefully structured Martial arts Bracknell program is fit for different age groups ranging from 15yrs +. We have a variety of classes for adults as well as for teens. It is also a very good choice if you are in search of a self-defence class. Our team of instructors at 123kravmaga will help you to find the right level whether you have the knowledge or even beginner. You can contact us anytime and we will take you through our program. We would love to help you if you are in search of martial arts classes.

The instructor and assistant team do not just have experience in Krav Maga, but various different Martial Arts and fighting system such as Boxing, Karate, Tae-Kwondo, Ninjitsu, BJJ, Wrestling, MMA, Wing Chun Kung-Fu, etc. Overall the team at 123KM have over 30 years of experience in Self-Defence and Martial Arts. Chief instructor, Sonny was also a Police Officer with TVP and trained as a Fire Arms officer before coming back to his new role as a chief instructor of the club. His experience has brought many vital changes in the club in how we train and practise our techniques. Thus, 123 KM is constantly seeking to evolve the training system to give the very best to the students no matter their experience levels.

In the initial stages of the classes where you have just started the program, your body will definitely feel the boost. In the past, your body might not be used to these techniques. Once you get used to the Martial arts Bracknell program you will not even realize how hard your body can achieve the goals.


If you are looking to take up martial art & Best krav maga classes in London, we have an opportunity to get stronger, fitter more confident in your daily routine. Krav Maga was developed by the Israeli military. It is practical and simple and easy to learn. It comprises of the realistic fight and self defence techniques, from boxing, wrestling, judo, karate and aikido. Krav Maga is the choice of many because of its focus on real-life situations and great efficiency.

Anyone can join regardless of the size and the age. In this one of the best skills, you can learn to defend yourself. At 123kravmaga our instructors are trained and certified. We can deliver you the Best Krav Maga London, sessions contact us now.

Our expert instructors are qualified and trained to deliver knowledge to their students. To keep their knowledge up-to-date our instructors continuously train and learn new techniques of Krav Maga. Our instructors put great effort to plan and schedule Krav Maga classes London. We enroll our students according to their knowledge no matter it’s the beginner level or might be having the basic knowledge.


Our Fitness training system Bracknell offers one of most challenging group training programs. We have developed these advanced training programs into vigorous and focused daily routines. Our team of instructors will push you beyond your limit what you might be expecting.

Fitness training is without a doubt for everyone it is not just for muscle-bound men. This specific type of exercise, you work more on the muscles, with weights and resistance bands. One of the best benefits it provides to your body is to control your weight by burning more calories. It helps to boost your stamina. It helps to develop not only strong muscles but strong bones as well, improves blood circulation. And help to eliminate digestive problems.

Different personal instructors, physicians and nutritionists do recommend weight training to be a part of the everyday workout routine. While doing your work out your muscles respond and you do feel better. Our instructors and Coach have worked tirelessly to develop programs of fitness strength training. We can help you to achieve the goal you have always wanted. Once you get enrolled in our Fitness training system Bracknell you will be amazed how much better your body will function.

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From: Vasso Newman, created on: 05/03/2020

I attended the women difference seminar and I greatly recommended. Hopefully, whatever I learn to stay with me and never have to use it. A big thank you to the friendly team and to Sonny for sharing his knowledge and skills. Thank you.

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