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“Hi, my name’s Mark and I founded Albion Forest Mortgages to help people. I specialise in Key Worker mortgages. Specifically the NHS and Teacher mortgages.

I pride myself on the personal service I offer here at Albion Forest Mortgages, offering friendly, helpful advice.”

Key Workers are a massive part of our every day lives. They are the medical professionals that help us when we need it. They are the Teachers and staff that look after and educate our children. They are the people keeping us safe. We feel so passionately about Key Workers that we don’t charge them broker fee’s for our advice. It’s time to give a little back.

Albion Forest is a family run business based in Southampton, with years of experience in the financial services we can help you get the mortgage you need with the right lender to fit your situation. All our advice is personal for you, meaning you get the right solution, every time!



Simply a first-time buyer is usually someone that has never owned a property before, in the UK or abroad. However, some lenders have a slightly different view on this if you haven’t owned a property recently. If you haven’t owned a property in the last year or 3 years, they will class you as a first time buyer.

Generally, you will need proof of income (Payslips, or accounts if you’re self-employed), Bank Statements, and Proof of ID, you will usually need some form of proof of deposit or equity, this can vary from lender to lender though. Depending on the application you may require more documents. If your lender or broker asks you for more documents don’t be worried or surprised, it’s quite normal.


A home mover is what we call someone that owns a property, but wants to move to a new one. When you are considering moving home it’s important to consider your options and your entire situation.

The biggest thing when moving house is you don’t necessarily need a new mortgage, quite often you can transfer (or Port) your mortgage to a new property, taking it with you and topping it up as needed.

This will vary from lender to lender. It also varies depending on your outgoings. This means that if you have credit cards, loans etc this will be taken into account when they are calculating how much you can borrow. It’s probably best to speak to a mortgage broker that can steer you in the right direction.


Remortgages are where you take out a new mortgage on a property you own. Usually, this is to replace your existing mortgage or to borrow money against your existing property.

Usually, it is better to remortgage, than to remain on the Standard variable rate (SVR). If you are on the SVR you could possibly save hundreds a month by selecting a new product. It may not even be with your current lender. Speaking to an advisor before your product ends may mean you can save a lot.

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