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We're amazingly good at delivering fast turnaround on big projects at insanely competitive rates, particularly product copy for e-commerce where you need on-brand descriptions that improve your search rankings, persuade customers to buy and lower return rates.

We write rock star copy for brands and agencies working in fashion & apparel, food & drink, travel, music and entertainment, and online retail. Current and previous clients include: Thomas Cook, Armani, Lloyds, NCP and many others including (but not limited to) musical instrument retailers, major airlines, and boutique hotels.

We love helping you sell to people who love your products or services but may not know it yet.



Effective case study copywriting goes beyond simple client testimonials and reviews and shows powerful, real-life examples of precisely what your business did to help a client reach their goals. Told in the right way, a case study will allow potential customers to imagine exactly how you’d be able to help them, by seeing what you’ve achieved for others.

Case studies are also an opportunity for you to show behind-the-scenes glimpses of your business - how effective your project management systems are, how your team excels at problem-solving - that can be harder to communicate on a standard service web page.


Since 2005, our product description writing service has helped eCommerce retailers of all sizes sell more, increase engagement and improve ranking.

Our expert writers understand that good product copywriting can't take a one-size-fits-all approach. Product descriptions aren’t just containers waiting to be filled up with content - they’re a golden opportunity for selling and brand-building.

Whatever your size, whatever your sector, we can provide high quality, unique product descriptions that are optimized for search and your customers. We specialize in high volume, tight deadline projects so, if you need thousands of product descriptions yesterday, we're your ideal content partner.


The right email copywriting can ensure your emails cut through inbox clutter, engage your customers and ultimately drive sales. Email marketing is still a powerful and effective way to reach your customers. Whatever your aim, we’ve got the subject lines and content to achieve it.

We know how to tailor our writing for sales-funnel techniques using email as a primary channel. We can also take a softer approach, writing engaging, valuable newsletter content to enhance loyalty and build market share. Whether you're just embarking on email marketing or want to improve the results of your existing strategy, we'll start wherever you are.

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