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Based near Cambridge, Briar Security was established in 1983. Over the last 30+ years, our business has become firmly established as a premier security installer in the Cambridgeshire area and more widely.

Thirty years is a long time. From those first beginnings, Briar Security has continually kept up to date with technological changes and the influence this has on security product enhancements. Our skilled team of engineers are proud to install the very best, cutting edge solutions that are at the top of the security industry.

We've not just seen growth in terms of the solutions we provide to suit home and business security needs, but also in the customer base we support. We're incredibly proud of the best in class products and services we deliver and for the long term relationships, we hold with our loyal, wide-ranging customers. A testament to the high-quality approach we take at Briar Security, a high percentage of new business continues to come to us through valuable recommendations from satisfied customers.

We offer a range of services in the Cambridge area, specialising in CCTV systems, intruder alarms, fire alarm and access control systems.



When working with our customers, the first security step most of them take to protect their Cambridge home or office is with the installation and maintenance of burglar or intruder alarms. It's a worthwhile investment if you want to protect the contents of your home or if you have a responsibility for the security of your customers, employees and premises.

We've been expert installers of intruder and burglar alarms in Cambridge and surrounding areas for over 30 years, we're here to help you with yours.

Burglar and intruder alarms from brands like Risco, Vanderbilt and Pyronix really do offer you peace of mind. Whilst no one ever wants to think their home or office will get broken into, it does happen - and the impact that this would have is almost immeasurable. Securing your Cambridge property with a cutting edge intruder alarm designed to meet your needs and budget means you really are protected. The installation of an intruder alarm is an immediate deterrent to a possible intruder - but in the event of an intrusion, the sophisticated intruder alarm systems from Briar Security will immediately notify you and allow you to take appropriate action in order to minimise loss and damage.


Thanks to technological advances, CCTV solutions for both the home and business security market are more feasible than ever before. At Briar Security, we install ultra-high-definition megapixel digital CCTV cameras and server-based network video recorders from Aviglion and Hikvision. These products offer the best image quality available, with results well beyond ‘broadcast quality' video.

To ensure that you get the right camera security to best suit your needs and budget, we’ll happily undertake a free site survey to assess the property and security objectives; designing a solution specifically for you and your needs.

Like all security solutions from Briar Security, our systems can be remotely accessed and/or monitored and can be smoothly integrated into one single software solution.

Our Aviglion and Hikvision systems don’t just capture images for you, they intelligently understand exactly what those images may show too. Thanks to techniques such as video analytics and algorithms, our cameras offer ‘self-learning analytics’ – meaning it would read the scene to make a judgement as to exactly what is being viewed and will only send notifications to you where there’s a correct reading (rather than a false alarm for when a cat crosses the area for example).


Being able to communicate with people before entry, to protect property and people, is key if you need to provide multiple access. Briar Security video and audio entry systems quickly and easily enable users to determine who is at the door before they enter a property, whether it be a Cambridge office block or a residential area.  

It's a fine balance. The key to any access control or audio/video entry system is to prevent access by unauthorised personnel but we are focussed on retaining a high level of service and ease of use for all authorised users of premises too.

Our video and audio entry systems range from a simple one phone, one door system to full-blown multi-phone systems with video entry, including remote operation via Apps and PC based software solutions.

The scope and range of Video & Audio Entry services we offer is vast, meaning that we can tailor a system for you and you benefit from the very best entry solution.

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