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I started my business based on a desire to help local businesses with their online marketing activities.

I’ve spent most of my career working in the corporate world. For a large part of that, I fulfilled a technical sales role within a large telecommunication company. I specialized in the financial markets sector and had the opportunity to work with institutions of all sizes, from the largest global investment banks to the smallest startups.

I found the last few years at that company difficult as it became clear to me that our values were no longer aligned. There were many times throughout those years where I contemplated making a transition from being an employee within this large multi-national company to starting something that was personally more rewarding, so when an opportunity presented itself last year to leave the company I grabbed it with both hands.



Social media marketing is an essential part of any internet marketing strategy. It allows you to create awareness of your brand, connect and engage with your audience and start to drive targeted traffic to your website.

The old ways of marketing a business are no longer working or at least not to the extent that they once did. It’s not enough to just buy ad space or bombard your potential customers with offers because the reality is, they are not paying attention. They are becoming desensitized to this form of marketing.

Customers can be far more selective when it comes to purchasing or selecting a service. And it’s likely that they will purchase from a company that they know, like and trust. So marketing today is about building a relationship with your potential customers. And it starts by understanding where their attention lies. It’s not necessarily with the TV or newspapers.

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