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Being the leading Claims Management Company in the UK, Claims Specialists follows a broad range of accident claims that have helped thousands of people with compensation recovery services. We offer help and an extensive series of claim services to the members of the general public.

Our purpose is to provide free help and assistance without any hassle and any hidden cost. We have made it clear about the fixed prices of our services and kept our client aware of the changes in policies and terms.



We offer personal Injury Claims. Types of personal injury claims we offer are: 

  • Work Injuries;
  • Serious Injuries;
  • Personal Injuries and;
  • Other Injuries like Accident etc.

Work injuries are common and can be caused by a wide range of factors, meaning that not every injury at work is eligible for a Work Injury Compensation Claim. Some of the most common work injuries are hand injuries, hernias, and back injuries.

If you have suffered an injury at work, then you can claim financial compensation for damages such as physical injuries and loss of earnings. If you’ve been injured at work, then you have the right to make a claim for financial compensation, though you aren’t always guaranteed compensation.


Clinical Negligence Claims are – as the name suggests – made based on suspicions of clinical negligence. If the person affected by clinical negligence is unable to claim personally (due to death or serious injury resulting from the incident), then a friend or family member can make a claim against the medical institution. Because cases of medical negligence carry such serious consequences, insurance companies will pore over every detail of your claim, which may require extensive evidence gathering and long legal battles. Accordingly, they will pursue a detailed investigation before coming to any conclusions. This guide is intended to help you understand what makes these types of claims so difficult and drawn out.

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Best Claims Specialists

From: Ali AD, created on: 21/09/2020

Best Claims Specialists by far! The attorneys and staff are attentive, responsive and thorough! I highly recommend this results-driven law firm!

Best Claim Company

From: Jake McCarthy, created on: 12/10/2020

Claims Specialists is the best Claiming company. The staff and the team of lawyers are very experienced. Highly recommend.

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