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F.A.S Plumbing & Heating Ltd. provides specialized services in installing, repairing, and servicing different types and brands of boilers. We have the knowledge and expertise to get you the right boiler for your place to give you an effective service. All our technicians are Gafe safe Registered and we always keep us updated with the new changes in the gas heating and plumbing technologies to provide you the best service. We provide prompt service 24/7 and ensure to get our customers fully satisfied.



Getting a new boiler for your home is not difficult, but selecting the right one requires good effort. You can make the choice in a minute, but a wrong selection is going to affect you for the coming years.
Proper advice from an expert can be the best solution. Generally, the selection of the boiler should depend on the size of your house.
If you are in a one-bedroom apartment or flat, a 24kW boiler will be good enough.
If you are in a house with two bedrooms, your boiler should be anything between 28kW and 32kW.
If you are in a house with three bedrooms or more, you should be going for 42kW boilers.


As a landlord when you are letting out your property to your tenants, it is a must by the law to get your home inspected by a gas safety engineer. Once it is thoroughly checked by a registered engineer and is certified to be safe, the landlord can lawfully get permission to rent. Theres' where the landlord gets the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate.

This mainly ensures the safety of your tenants. Definitely, this certificate values a lot for the landlord. Therefore, a proper and detailed inspection process gets conducted to check the safety of all the appliances of the rented property.


A warm and comfortable home or workplace ----- that's what we expect to get after installing a full central heating system.
It however involves a lot of steps like :
BOILER Installation (mainly natural gas or LPG boiler, electric boiler if the gas connection is not available)
Radiator Installation
Radiator Valves Installation
Pipework Installation
Heating Control Installation
This comfort might be costing you. But an effectively working central heating system can help you save on your electricity bills. At the same time, it can also make your place safe and comfortable.
On the other hand, the installation of a low-quality appliance or any error in the installation process can lead to huge mishaps. It can affect your comfort, your safety, and also your electricity bills.
Better get an efficient, reliable, and gas safe registered engineer to do the work for you.FAS plumbing and heating services can be your best choice.

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