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I'm one of the UK's most experienced professional marketing copywriters.

I've worked solely in freelance practice since 2000, after having spent the 18 years before that as a Copywriter and Creative Director at some of the top marketing services companies in the UK.

This means that when you hire me your project benefits from experience that was gained writing for companies like Unilever, Goldman Sachs, the BBC, The Guardian, Marks and Spencer, Panasonic, Aviva, Siemens and many others.

It may also explain why the role I fill for my clients very often extends some way beyond copywriting.

I try to be responsive and easy to work with, and I take a thoughtful, intelligent approach to understand your business objectives.

I have an extensive commercial understanding and a deep knowledge of marketing as applicable to both smaller and large companies.



Your content is the most important factor in how your visitors respond to your website and the results you get from it. If they are bored, patronized or confused by the content of your site, they simply leave and go somewhere else. The content is also a key factor in the SEO that influences how well your site ranks in search.

I’ve successfully completed the website copywriting for hundreds of sites. This includes those of just a few pages belonging to tiny businesses, as well as sites with hundreds of pages for huge organizations. I’ve also written sites for companies in just about every industry and profession imaginable.


These are samples of direct mail sales letters and mail packs I’ve written. Constructing letters that will deliver good response rates is a specialized skill that I believe requires both training and lots of experience. I write two different kinds of DM sales letters.

The letters on this page are the kind of normal letters used by mainstream businesses to pitch consumer offers or try to open doors with B2B customers. I also write the internet marketing sales letters used by US direct marketers and people selling categories of products in which this kind of writing is particularly successful.

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