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Founded by a dedicated team of experienced security specialists, iSecurity Solutions was founded in 2006 to bring effective and affordable security to the people. We have gone from strength to strength and continue to provide security for a wide variety of UK customers, both private and professional.

Ever since our founding, we have provided our customers with effective – not expensive – security systems. In other words, we want to drive down costs while raising the bar.

As security needs change, so must the tools and techniques we use to protect our lives and livelihoods. iSecurity Solutions use robust and reliable security products with bespoke services to protect our clients from intruders, fire and unauthorised access among other issues.

Our reputation is built on the quality of our work and the skill of our technicians and operatives, all of whom are vetted and chosen for their experience, integrity and discretion. We are completely auditable and comply with all the relevant legislation (especially the new GDPR guidelines) so everything is above board.



You’ve heard the phrase ‘prevention is better than the cure’, well that’s true for your security system. A regular annual service will keep your system in working order and will generally deal with any small niggling problems before they become big ones. Wireless intruder alarm systems, in particular, need the batteries changing periodically: if it’s allowed to run down it will trigger the alarm which is both annoying and inconvenient and will require an engineer visit anyway.

A good service will consist of a thorough examination of all aspects of your security system in conjunction with the requirements of British Standards and the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB). For an intruder alarm system, the detectors will be checked at all points, as will the fuses and the battery. Additionally, for CCTV all equipment will be cleaned (especially external cameras as the dirt can affect the overall performance). The overall functional capacity (how well does each component work? does the system as a whole work properly?) will also be assessed.

The control panel of your alarm will usually store records (log) of all alarm activation’s, malfunctions and issues as does your CCTV DVR. The engineer who comes to service the security system will check out this electronic report on the history of your alarm system’s life, and this will help to guide their decisions about how best to service your system. If any issues are discovered during the annual maintenance, the engineer who has come to service your system should be able to fix them there and then. When the service is complete, they should provide you with a full report of the service, the status of the system, and any repairs that took place.


All the intruder alarms we provide use cutting-edge technology linked to our UK-based monitoring centre manned by our own security specialists for quick and effective response.

If you encounter any issues with your alarm system, we will provide remote fixes from our monitoring centre or deploy iSecurity Engineers to deal with any complex issues. Further support is provided through Redcare™or Dualcom 24hr monitoring services, so you’ll never be without help.

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Highly Recommend

From: Joshua Wallace, created on: 12/10/2020

Not for offices only this company provide stunning security gadgets. I personally used. Highly recommend.

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