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No.88 - Weybridge

As a trained and qualified beauty therapist, I’ve been specialising in facial skin care and massage treatments since 2010.

We offer spa quality treatments within a comfortable, welcoming and homely environment. You’re more than just a client at No.88, you’re our guest.
We have one treatment room on the ground floor of our home, with ample off-street parking if you’re driving to us. Each treatment provides you with quality time to relax and recover with a trained professional that focuses on treating you ‘as a whole’.
Our mission is to bring out the best of you and enhance the beauty and qualities you already possess in a calm, natural and nurturing manner.
We consciously source the best cruelty free products which are free from chemical nasties and from Companies who consider the environment and our impact on it.
We continually look at ways that we can also play our part towards protecting our planet by reducing our waste and energy usage and we genuinely value your suggestions on how we may continue to make positive changes. 



Our Signature Massage is a full body massage tailored to meet your exact needs whether that be deep tissue manipulation, an energising experience or a relaxing treat.
We use a variety of massage techniques including Swedish, Acupressure, Shiatsu and Lomi-Lomi.

Our goal is to offer you ultimate ‘me-time’ whilst helping to improve blood and lymphatic circulation; improve skin condition & appearance and relax tired, overworked muscles.
There are so many benefits of massage, a few of which are mentioned above but for us, the topmost benefit is how it is a natural, drug free way to ease away stress.

Recent studies suggest, that over 70 percent of all visits to the GP are stress related!
Stress affects the physical body as well as the mind and can be linked to high blood pressure, IBS, psoriasis & eczema, menstrual problems and headaches to name but a few.

Massage is proven to encourage deeper, relaxed breathing; to induce feelings of calm; relax the mind and create feelings of well-being.

Take a little time to rebalance your mind and body, book your massage today!


Pregnancy - A time to celebrate. To cherish and embrace the changes to your body as you grow your very own tiny human (or more)!!

However, the changes during pregnancy can also present challenges. Challenges not only restricted to your body, but to your emotional wellbeing too.

Surges of hormones are essential in preparing your body for childbirth.

Weight gain is inevitable as you are carrying your precious, growing cargo with you wherever you go.

Hormones and weight there's an interesting cocktail!


A truly holistic experience.

The combination of stones, heat and massage is very powerful and has been used by many cultures for centuries.

Stones were used for healing, worship and guidance as long ago as 1500 BC in countries such as China and Egypt.

Traditionally 'Basalt Stones' are used, sourced from riverbeds and seashores...these stones are said to be closely connected to the earth and have a life energy of their own.

Our Hot Stone, full body massage begins with careful placement of stones along the body. Oil is then applied and massage begins with a gradual introduction of perfectly warmed basalt stones to gently soothe away muscle tension, remove energy blockages and eliminate stress.

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