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Hi there! I am Doris the owner of Pawfect Dog Walking. I’ve always been a follow-your-heart-kind-of-gal. I grew up on the sunny tropical island of Penang, Malaysia. I moved to Devon in 2008. 

I’ve always been a dog lover, long before I stumbled upon dog walking. It all started with just fun dog care for my friends in 2018 and discovered another way of lifestyle that I can pursue. When I decided to venture into this business, I didn’t exactly know where the journey would take me. A few years later I am still living out of this beautiful dream.

​The best part of my job is that I get to interact and be a part of the fun. Each client is unique and a new chance for me to share with others my passion for dogs.

​I love waking up to a slow morning, a cup of coffee, planning an adventure with the pooches, and exploring nature. When I am not at work, you can find me in nature camping, hiking, sea foraging, reading, and travel the world.



Standard group walks are 1 hour long comprise of all breeds and ages.

Our pack walks are designed so that your dog can be thoroughly exercised safely whilst developing (or retaining) excellent social skills and 'dog manners'. We only ever walk dogs in small groups no more than 4 dogs per walker so that we can supervise them properly and give them the attention and love they need. Whether your dog is a big and bouncy bear, a small but feisty pocket rocket, full of beans, or a little wary, we'll make sure they are pair with dogs that suit their temperament.


There are a number of reasons why some dogs cannot be walked in a group; Too old, too young, injured, anxious, over-boisterous, in season, aggressive, cannot travel, or simply an owner’s preference to have their dog walked solo.

Our 1 to 1 service can also be tailored specifically to your pet’s individual needs and we will always ensure your dog is treated with love, care, and devotion. We are always happy to discuss any needs you may require.

More importantly, it’s a specialist, luxury service because we only ever take out one furry friend at a time, two if they’re from the same household and we know they’re compatible together. That way we are purely dedicating all our attention to your love pooch, ensuring they have a better, safer, more attentive walking experience.

*Free initial consultation to meet you and your dog where we can discuss their care in person.
*Walks are tailored to your dog’s mental and physical needs.
*Solo dog walks can be arranged for example where dogs will meet a few other dogs or children.
*Dogs are returned home towel-dried and as clean as possible.
*Feeding, top-up water, or treats can be given (at your request) all at no extra charge.
*Photo updates will send through wastapp once the walk is completed for your peace of mind.
*I can also offer support with any training you may be experiencing and I am experienced in handling reactive dogs or those that have behaviour issues.
*Walks can be on-lead from a customer’s home address, or if your dog loves to play fetch, we would be happy to discuss the off-lead on a field option


Dogs can be amazing companions; however, there are times when you have to go away and may have to leave them behind. During such stressful times, it’s best they can stay at their own home and care by a loving and attentive sitter. Whether it's just for the weekend or over a week. During the day we will go on one long walk and in the evening cuddle on the sofa.

We believe that a dogs routine is extremely important; Pawfect Dog asks that all of our clients fill out a comprehensive form detailing their dog’s daily routine for our records; from feeding and walkies to their pup's favourite toy, no detail is too big or small in our eyes.

Daily "P updates" We are happy to provide daily updates with everything you'll want to know about your pup while you're away! We will send updates via your preferred method of communication (WhatsApp / email) along with plenty of pictures!

It's important we set up a trial night to ensure everything goes well before the real day.

Get in touch today for your doggy care needs and we’ll do everything we can to provide your family pet with a day filled with fun and love.

*Half price for 2nd dog from the same household.
*Weekends and Bank Holidays +20%.
*For dogs over 1-year-old. Puppy depending on age and behaviour may be accepted for an extra charge.

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