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At QuickPlumbers-as we have been providing professional and expert plumbing services to residential and commercial buildings all over London and outside of London. Our experts can provide a range of plumbing solutions for your homes and buildings. Whether it is a blocked drain or toilet, burst pipe or plumbing appliance malfunctioning, for all plumbing emergencies we are just a phone call away.

At Quick Plumbers-SA we have an expert team of professional plumbers in the UK that provides you pricing for plumbing on the up-front basis, not on hourly basis. This means no matter how long it takes to get the job done we will only charge you the task fee, not the fee based on working hours.  Our team of professionals and skilled local plumbers in London are available 24/7 at your services. We also offer free safety inspections and work guarantee.  Our team of plumbers has years of experience and have successfully tackled various types of plumbing emergencies across the UK for both domestic and commercial plumbing repairs & maintenance.



Quick Plumbers –SA provides the most reliable and professional boiler repair services in London, UK. Our services include complete part repairing, replacements, and labour work that assures that your boiler is working the way it should. Our services include all types of gas and electric boiler repairing, boiler break downs, gas safety checks, boiler installations, and many more.

Boiler plays a very crucial role in your daily life activities associated with the heating applications and processes; for example, cooking, sanitation, boiler-based power generation, etc. Having a malfunctioned boiler can cause numerous hindrances like that of slow heating, unpleasant smell, irritating noise and in severe cases, leakage of water. Therefore, if such issues are faced, it becomes necessary to contact a professional boiler repair service in the UK which has solutions to combat these issues with current technology and quick customer service.


Dishwashers are a great problem solver and time saver when it comes to washing and handling dirty dishes. Having a dishwasher makes washing dishes for you rather more convenient. However, like any machine, a dishwasher can go down too and having a dishwasher with several issues is more of a liability than convenience. Though there is no problem that cannot be resolved.

As the best dishwasher repair & dishwasher plumbing installation company we can solve any and all issues related to your dishwasher. Below are listed many of the few problems that dishwasher repair service in London caters.


Here at QuickPlumbers-as we are washing machine repair and servicing professionals. Our experts have years of experience in fixing, installing, repairing, maintaining and fixing all plumbing issues related to the washing machine. Need a washing machine solution in London? Call us right now.

We can repair and resolve any issues with your dryer and machine. We have the tools to get your washing machine and dryer running to its best.

Our washing machine services in London, whether repair, maintenance or plumbing fix is all done at very affordable rates. With us, you will get a quick fix with affordable pricing.

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