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Sandal Web Services are a Wakefield Based Web Design Company, designing web sites that not only look great but also work. We can start a web design with an existing idea or with a blank page. Keeping you up to date with the design process and at all times adding your input into the creative web design process.

From your web design to your logo, letterheads to flyer and print media designs, all of which have an impact on how your potential customers see you as a business. Branding design is all about consistency from your email footer signatures to your business cards, brochures and web site.



All modern web designs should be mobile responsive to accommodate desktops down to mobile phones.

The way we approach responsive web site design is to start with the smallest device first then add features for tablets, laptops and then desktop screens.

This design approach allows our design team to create a user experience tailored to all users.

One of the often-overlooked factors is the page loading speed. What does this mean? Well everyone wants the internet to be instant, don't they? I know we do. If you have a fast broadband connection you will probably never notice issues with slow websites. However how fast do you find your internet on your phone when you are not at home or work?

This is where page speed comes into the design process. Your web page is basically a file which can be made up of lots of other smaller files. The bigger the file the longer the page load time is. So if you have a video on your web site that loads great on your computer at home, but takes 15 seconds to load on your mobile device you may want to have a rethink on which devices need to load that video file. This approach stops your potential customer from closing your web page because it is taking too long to load and going to a competitors web site that may load faster than yours.

There are many considerations to be taken into account with mobile web site development but we will take you through every step of the design process.


We are Wakefield-based bespoke database development specialists that have been in designing databases since 2008. We provide custom database design, database development, for both in house and web-based solutions.

We predominantly provide solutions using Mysql but can also design for you a Microsoft Access database for in house use.

Web-based solutions are ideal for anyone requiring remote access to your database, this could be where you have more than one site or have remote workers or need to work remotely yourself.


Do you have an existing web site? Maybe you need additional features adding or pages updating? If so what you need is some web site development.

Web site development is not just about adding new content, it is about looking at your existing site and making sure it complies with current web site requirements.

Search engines are now using mobile-ready design as a major ranking factor.

How are you viewing this web page? Are you viewing this on a desktop or are you using your phone or a tablet?

If your web site is not mobile responsive don't worry we can help. We are able to redevelop your web site into a fully compliant mobile-ready web site.

One of the major issues with web sites is page loading speed. This is equally important for all devices in areas with slow broadband.

How fast does your web site load? At home with a fast broadband connection, your web site probably loads fine, however, viewed on a mobile device it probably does not do so well.

Optimising your web site for page load speed is now a major ranking factor for search engines. Get it right and your customers will love you. I get it wrong they will be closing your web site before it has even started to load.

The removal of bloated web site code (in particular with web sites that have been built with templates), will decrease page loading time.

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