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Based in Shropshire, Sanderson Leaf Springs are the UK’s number one leaf spring suppliers. For multiple years, we have successfully supplied leaf springs, bushes, suspension u-bolts, roof racks, and more for vans and pickup trucks to our valuable customers across the world. Our reliability and access to leaf springs for widely driven vehicles such as Mercedes Sprinter’s and Ford Transit’s, and supplying Leaf Springs for multiple other manufacturers, has helped to establish us with an unblemished reputation in our field of work. If you require a leaf spring for your vehicle, Sanderson Leaf Springs supply you with the exact one that you need based on your vehicle and its specifications.

If you are unsure to which leaf spring is needed for your vehicle, feel free to use the knowledge of our expert staff to your advantage. By informing us what vehicle you currently own or a problem with its leaf spring that it is currently experiencing, we can recommend the exact replacement leaf spring that is required and provide you with advice regarding installation.



Sanderson Leaf Springs offer a wide range of direct replacement leaf springs to customers throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide. Leaf springs are one of the worlds oldest forms of the vehicle suspension. They originated from medieval times on carriages for horses, and are still used across the globe today. Leaf springs may not be used on cars as often as they used to, however, they are widely used on larger vehicles such as trucks, lorries, vans, and even steam trains! We provide a large variety of leaf springs from a multitude of high-end manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Ford, Fiat, Talbot Express, and more. Sanderson Leaf Springs will be capable of finding the perfect leaf spring for your vehicle. Feel free to contact us about which leaf spring is required for your vehicle or for any recommendations that you need.

Leaf springs, or else known as 'semi-elliptical' or 'cart springs', are made up of a cross-section of rectangular cut spring steel 'leaves'. These 'leaves' are bent together to form an arc shape. The vast majority of leaf springs have a longest leaf or 'main leaf', where the tips are thoroughly heated and rolled into circular shapes called 'eyes'. The 'eyes' of the leaf spring allow it to connect to the vehicle body, while the centre of the spring allows the location to the axle. Beneath the main leaf is a number of different leaves that progressively are shorter. A leaf spring can be a single leaf or over 20 leaves depending on which application it is for. This will depend on the weight of the application and the purpose of the application. It is likely that heavier loads will require more springs than smaller loads.

All of the replacement leaf springs that we offer are perfect for original equipment and come complete with bushes where applicable. Sanderson Leaf Springs ensure that all of the leaf springs that we provide are in perfect condition and work effectively. We ensure that all of our leaf springs are only sold is an unmatchable condition, and can provide maximum efficiency when in use. When it comes to replacement leaf springs, the team at Sanderson Leaf Springs are passionate and driven to provide the best possible leaf spring replacements to both existing and potential customers. Do you have a timeworn, damaged or defective leaf spring? Perhaps the springs on your vehicle have flattened over the years? If so, Sanderson Leaf Springs can help.


Sanderson Leaf Springs stock a wide range of leaf spring suspension bushes including: Rubber to Metal Bonded Brass and Half Rubber as fitted by original equipment manufacturers. Where applicable we can offer leaf spring suspension bushes to fit all the springs in our range including end pads. Either as a complete sprint bush kit or a single bush to suit your requirements.


Here at Sanderson Leaf Springs, we offer a range of replacement suspension u-bolts that are suitable for use on a range of vehicles. Some of the most popular suspension bolts we offer to our customers throughout the UK are Nissan, Toyota and Ford. We stock a wide range of products and our replacements are all designed and manufactured to some of the highest industry standards and to meet OE specifications.

Our replacement U-bolts are designed to be just as reliable and the originals and they are designed to be long-lasting. We have been offering our replacement suspension u-bolts to customers throughout the country for many years and have become well-known for the quality of the parts we offer. No matter what type of suspension bolt you might require, you can count on us to supply it for you. When it comes to needing suspension bolts, be sure to order online from Sanderson Leaf Springs. If you have any questions about the products we offer then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

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