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We deliver high speed, reliable internet connectivity in poor infrastructure or poor connectivity environments. Our enterprise-grade solutions enable multiple users within your business to be connected into your business environment and beyond.

Trogon was formed to challenge the current trend of communications companies and service providers that over-engineer and overcharge whilst delivering cumbersome, unimaginative solutions.

Working with you closely every step of the way, we understand your needs and then address the issues at hand – wherever they may be. Its a partnership in the true sense of the word, where the solutions we design not only work but are specifically tailored to your exact needs. We never over-engineer to charge you a premium, and instead commit to long term partnerships that thrive because our services are not only relevant but also timely, affordable and innovative. Communication, Commitment and Clarity.



Emergency Connectivity:

Shipped to site ready to deploy, our cloud case connectivity solutions allow you to get online fast whatever the emergency.

Reliability Through Diversity:

Combine Cellular, Satellite and Fixed-line connectivity to provide a diverse, highly reliable internet connection with automatic failover.

Easy Remote Monitoring:

Use cloud-based remote monitoring and reporting to visualise network health and usage in real-time, track device locations with inbuilt GPS.

Plugin & Turn On:

Completely self-contained, our cloud case products can require no onsite engineering. Simply plug it in and turn it on to get connected.

Secure Connectivity:

Extend your enterprise WAN to anywhere easily over cellular using 256bit AES encryption.

Active Bandwidth Management:

Block categories of websites, restrict bandwidth for guests, prioritise business-critical applications, and easily identify heavy bandwidth users.

Broadband Speeds Anywhere:

Using 3G/4G/LTE (and satellite if needed), your site and staff benefit from reliable high-speed connectivity – wherever they are located.

Easy Remote Management:

Manage all of your locations from a single cloud-based management interface, with full remote access and granular control of all settings.

Enterprise WAN Mobility:

Extend your enterprise WAN into business vehicles, connect securely from buses, vans, mobile homes and marine environments.

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