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Since the practice was acquired, the surgery has grown from 3 to 7 chairs ensuring a friendly, comfortable, and caring environment where the patients are treated like family. Patients at 2 Green Dental know that the team of 40 staff members strive to give them the best care possible. With the use of cutting-edge technology, the patients are provided with personalised customised treatments.

Treatments offered at 2 Green Dental include routine examinations and oral hygiene, dental implants, composite bonding, gum surgeries, teeth whitening and Invisalign® clear aligners in Bexley, London. For the convenience of our patients, we have onsite parking, disabled access, evening and weekend appointments, and 0% financing options available.



A dental bridge is a way to replace missing teeth. They rely on support from the healthy teeth around the gaps.
The anchor teeth on either side of the gap are crowned or used for support and attached to a false tooth to fill the gap.

We like them because they can be made quickly and we don’t usually have to drill away healthy teeth.

For their lifespan, they are great value for money and can be made to look very natural.


At 2 Green Dental, we rarely do veneers to improve smiles, as we believe we can get 90% of our patients to have a winning smile with cosmetic bonding and whitening alone.
However, when teeth are badly broken down and chipped and have lots of existing dentistry, then veneers are a great option.

We at 2 Green Dental we always place veneers with the minimal destruction of natural teeth as possible. That means we don’t shave your teeth down to stumps when we can help it. After shaping the teeth, we take a scan of your teeth and make natural, brighter and amazing looking porcelain veneers that glue to the front of your teeth.

We can achieve amazing results with veneers that you have to see to believe.


Dental implants are the number one option for our patients to replace missing teeth.
Many patients prefer dental implants to other prosthetics because they look, feel and function like their natural teeth, and do not damage the health of the teeth next door.

Dental implants can revitalise your appearance, restore your oral health and return your ability to eat, laugh and smile with confidence.

A dental implant is a tiny biocompatible titanium screw that is surgically implanted into your jawbone to mimic a tooth root. The metal bonds with your bone, providing a permanent and strong anchor for your new teeth.

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From: Karina Hildebrand, created on: 20/07/2021

Have been an Envisalign patient for over 1 year now and can honestly say they are the best. Rajiv and the team have been brilliant and professional. Putting you at ease for every appt. Thank you 2 Green dental for my newfound confidence.

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