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Dedicated to delivering the best possible results, building a long-term relationship that will be beneficial for both parties. Our Professional Cleaning Services include carpet, tile, grout and hardwood cleaning, upholstery cleaning for both residential and commercial purposes, air duct cleaning, window cleaning, curtain cleaning and odour and stain treatment and protection.

We even offer a wide range of additional cleaning services, making sure we are able to all of our customers’ needs. We take pride in providing the best cleaning services every single time. Our team makes sure our customers are satisfied with our services. All of our services are fine-tuned to out-perform all of our competition, service to you by highly trained and experienced specialists.

We provide the care & maintenance necessary to extend the life of your floors, curtains and furniture. Let our specialists handle this for you and rest assure you will be living and working in a clean and healthy environment, month after month, year after year. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or remarks as we are happy to assist you in any way that we can.



DASH Carpet Cleaning Oldham has been your professional local carpet cleaning expert for many years and will continue to do so for many years to come. Our Professionals are here to deliver the best carpet cleaning services available for both Residential and Industrial buildings.

Various tests have concluded that our Carpet Cleaning Service removes 95% of common household allergens and bacteria. We only use carpet cleaning solutions that are safe for you, your family, your pets and your environment. DASH Carpet Cleaning Oldham, leaving your home cleaner and healthier at the same time once done!

Our Carpet Cleaners use a cleaning method called Steam Carpet Cleaning, using a proprietary hot water extraction to clean your carpet. This particular cleaning method allows our experts to safely remove spots, odours and dirt without leaving any residue behind. Additionally, our powerful carpet cleaning equipment will extract all water from your carpet during our cleaning process resulting in your carpet being both fresh, clean and dry within a few hours.


As we are trusted by you to do an extraordinary job while cleaning your beloved carpet, why not let us do your upholstery cleaning as well? Your furniture will benefit from a good cleaning as well. This will result in your upholstery being refreshed, smelling and feeling as if they were brand new.

We are using the latest eco-friendly cleaning products which will be able to remove all the hard-to-reach allergens and harmful bacteria from your furniture. Unhygienic furniture in your home is considered to be one of the leading causes of allergies in and around your house. Believe it or not, it only takes a relatively short period of time for dust and grime to build up in your furniture. Your seats, chairs, and couch/sofa as well as your curtains and could be causing a variety of harmful respiratory issues when not taken care of.

Additionally, we are also able to treat your furniture with odour removal products. These products will not only remove all the bad odours but will prevent them from returning over a small period of time as well. This will result in your home smelling as if your whole interior has been brought brand-new!


Cleaning hardwood floors has become one of our specialities over the years. Our customers often consider it to be a hard job which is understandable due to the complexity of it. It is however of great importance that wooden floors are maintained with proper cleaning and sealing on a periodic basis.

The misconception that is going around is that mopping and sweeping hardwood floors are enough, but that just won’t do the job as it’s not spotless on the surface of your hardwood floor. This requires deep dirt extraction because if not done properly this can result in dirt and allergens settling into cracks and crevices of your floor. To thoroughly clean your hardwood floor we use a specific process that involves rotary brushes including hand cleaning the areas which are hard to reach. Additionally, we use the best sealant coat available to protect your floor from getting deep stains in the future.

The final step of the process will be to restore the shine and colour of your hardwood floor, making it dirt proof as well for the upcoming months. This will result in a hardwood floor that smells feels and looks as if it were brand-new.

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