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At London Bridge Dental Practice, patient comes first for a dentist in Southwark, SE1 London. We are fortunate to have assembled a team of dental professionals that are all dedicated to upholding our High-level of standards. Our staff is attuned to the unique needs of patients, so you and your loved ones will always feel at ease and truly comfortable at our dental practice in Southwark, London.



We recommend a crown to patients when presented with a tooth that has been damaged in some way that cannot be adequately repaired with a filling. Fitted over the cusp, or a visible portion, of the tooth, crowns are a kind of ‘cap’ that covers the tooth. This essentially protects and repairs the tooth, helping to reshape and re-form it while ensuring it remains functional.


Many of our patients here at London Bridge Dental Practice choose to get veneers to solve their issues of multiple broken, chipped, fractured, stained, or misaligned teeth. They can also help cover gaps and reshape any irregularly shaped teeth. Veneers can dramatically improve the uniformity of a smile, leaving you feeling happier and more confident.

At London Bridge Dental Practice, we use porcelain veneers which offer our patients both practical and aesthetic results. Not only does porcelain mirror the shade and surface of the natural tooth, but it’s also highly durable.

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