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Recommended Psychotherapists

West Of Scotland Psychological 01292 477711
We are regulated by and accredited by ICHM (International College of Holistic Medicine), ANLP (The Association for NLP,) GHSC (General Hypnotherapy Register) and are a registered member of CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).
The Little Counselling Service 07725 654443
I offer therapy from my office in Hamilton town centre. This office is convenient for all public transport as it is adjacent to the bus station and Hamilton Central Station. There are public carparks in three direction all within a 5 minutes walk from the office.
Theo Dijkman 07976 477676
There can be times in our lives when we feel we have lost direction, when we wonder what it is all about. We may struggle in our relationships and it is as if we are not seen or heard. Or the past just continues to haunt us and we feel we have lost our own sense of who we are. There may be times when we feel overwhelmed by a lack of confidence and a sense of being stuck, when we wonder how to access our creativity to give expression to love, beauty and joy in our lives.
MS Pauline Mary Ross 01875 613563
Counselling and Psychotherapy offer a safe space in which to share and explore experiences and feelings with a trained person in trust and confidentiality. They each offer a relationship in which to explore and uncover the difficulties and challenges connected to being who you are and with living your life in the way you might want to.
Annickdale Consulting Rooms 01560 483337
From the day we are born, we are subject to stresses and pressures that the human body and mind has not yet evolved to deal with effectively. Many illnesses and symptoms presented to doctors can have their origins traced back to the stresses of every day life. Whether you just need some physical or mental relaxation, we can help achieve the desired outcome whereby you will feel better by restoring the natural balance in your life.
Maree Deeley Life Therapies 01764 682508
Now you have found me, I can help you to take charge and make the changes you desire. Helping you to improve so many areas of your life, business, personal relationships and more. Give me a call to chat about and find out how I can help you. I can help you to de-stress, de-clutter the mind and identify key problem areas. Together we will build an even stronger, positive, calm and productive you. Taking you from where you are now, to where you wish to be. Turning your goals, desires and dreams into realities.
Time To Talk 07780 524335
I have worked with adults, children and families with mental health and learning difficulties in a variety of healthcare settings for more than 20 years. I work with a wide variety of concerns including: anxiety, depression, parenting issues including fostering, adoption and special needs children, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and abuse, to mention just a few.
Synapse Specialist Trauma Resolution 01786 833103
We specialise in training therapists, doctors and individuals for complex trauma resolution and every-day, yet serious anxieties. Philip Dutton has provided pro bono international humanitarian aid following disasters to resolve PTSD (& other issues) for professionals, first responders, families and especially where communities of children are affected.
Crisis 0141 812 8474
CRISIS was established in 1996 by jean Cumming as a Registered Charity in response to the need for support, guidance and counselling she saw when employed within the NHS. She realised there was no early intervention services available only acute services with people struggling, often with limited chance of robust recovery.
ABM Counselling 07891 803519
Sometimes we feel like things are too much and we do not know what to do. As a qualified Counsellor I can help. I support individuals to deal with all kinds of issues, such as anxiety, depression, abuse, stress, panic attacks, anger issues, bereavement and many more. You will receive a £5 discount on the first session and can have an appointment either daytime or evening.

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